Our partnership brings together clinicians, researchers and women and their partners with lived experience of high blood pressure in pregnancy, to decide what research into pregnancy blood pressure disorders should focus on next.


High blood pressure is a common complication of pregnancy.  This includes women with blood pressure problems which may start before pregnancy, during pregnancy or shortly after birth and a condition called pre-eclampsia.  Women affected by high blood pressure in pregnancy are at greater risk of stroke, fits, kidney or liver damage and their babies may be born underweight, too early or stillborn.

Blood Pressure in Pregnancy
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Our initial survey was launched in October 2018 and it’s clear from the response we received that blood pressure in pregnancy is an important research topic for many people. We received over 280 responses (including 176 from women with lived experience of high blood pressure in pregnancy), and from these responses, 764 unique research questions were generated.


We then began the initial prioritisation process, removing duplicated questions and comparing the survey results against existing research on blood pressure in pregnancy, further reducing the list of 50 questions down to 20-30 unique research questions, from which we will decide on our Top Ten research questions at our final prioritisation workshop.


It does not matter if you completed our surveys, our focus now is to prioritise the responses we have received to arrive at our final Top 10 Blood Pressure in Pregnancy research questions and we are keen to involve as many people as possible in this process. 

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If you would like to attend our final prioritisation workshop on 20th June 2019 to help us decide on our final Blood Pressure in Pregnancy Top Ten research questions, or be updated when our final Top Ten are published, please leave us your email address here:

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