How the James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership process works

Establishing a Priority Setting Steering Group is the first step in the process. The group should be made up of representatives who can bring a variety of opinions and experiences to the discussion of Hypertension in Pregnancy research priorities, including patients, carers, charities, healthcare professionals and researchers. A protocol for the project is agreed by the steering group which outlines what will happen and when, as well as the scope of the project (i.e. exactly who should we ask to complete the survey) and an agreement of how often to meet and discuss progress. They can also identify further partners (such as charities or other organisations with an appropriate captive audience) to enable us to gather as diverse a spectrum of opinions and suggestions for the Top Ten research priority questions as we possibly can.

Establishing the Blood Pressure in Pregnancy Partnership

Stage 1

No one understands hypertensive disorders of pregnancy as well as the women who have experienced these conditions and their families . The primary aim of the steering group is to design a survey (using the James Lind Alliance guidance) which can help us to find out which unanswered research questions are the most important to these women and their families, as well as the opinions of researchers and clinicians. Once the survey is ready it will be circulated online as widely as possible.

You share your views

Stage 2

Once the survey responses start to come in, the project data management team will begin sorting them into research questions and themes. These will be compared to existing research (completed and ongoing) so we can prioritise questions where there is a lack of evidence or no research has been done at all. This will continue until the closing date of the survey.

Data management

Stage 3

Once the survey has closed, the research questions we have compiled from the responses will be analysed, with questions that are too vague or already researched in some capacity being removed. The aim at this stage is to reach a 'Long List' of around 100 research questions. There will then be an interim priority setting phase combining the online survey with focus groups to take this down to a 'Short List' of 25 research questions. 

Interim prioritisation

Stage 4

The final stage will be to come up with the 'Top Ten' priority questions to be researched in Blood Pressure in Pregnancy at a final consensus meeting. The 'Top Ten' will be published and from this list, research questions can be developed by researchers. These questions will then go onto become research projects that yield answers and results that matter to everyone affected by Blood Pressure in Pregnancy. 

Final prioritisation

Stage 5